DR coustic "M series" Center speaker
Accurate sound field positioning, alignment sound more suitable for each type of music, products for cars all cars have to configure the center speaker installation location Jieke upgrade installation
DR coustic "FC series"2Way Coaxial System
Technical highlights and ideas from the larger AS series are here to find after all. A balanced sound and installation-friendly components characterize this line.
DR coustic "AS series"2Way Component System
Sound and performance components with high quality materials and details. The positive experiences of the past have been focused and put in a nutshell. Everything is perfect, not for the price only.
DR coustic "DS series" 2Way Component System
The "DS series" combines more details and improved sound.The expanded program by a midrange and PRO-woofer provides a wider field of application. Thus it is even more universal. An all-round talent.
DRcoustic "RS series" High-End 2-way component system
powerful and pure, with simplicity and elegance. Acoustically. Dynamically. Infinitely different.


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